The foundation of a good relationship is trust.  We build and foster trust before we are ready to deeply connect or be vulnerable.  We are called to be in relationship with Jesus, but our relationship will only go so deep if we don’t trust Him.  I don’t mean just intellectually trust Him, but trust Him in the depths of our heart.  Therefore, this Lent, we are deep diving into the Litany of Trust with a daily email series for all Beckoned members.  

Jesus, I trust in You!

God is Beckoning you.  

How will you respond?

Beckoned means to gently call.  The Lord is gently calling you to your dreams.  He has a purpose He wants you to discover and live out well.  

The Beckoned program is a monthly membership that is going to help you do just that.  

We have weekly group coaching (replays are available when you can’t be there live), monthly courses, a supportive community and more!  

If you are ready to grow in confidence and clarity while increasing joy and peace in your life, Beckoned is the place for you.  

"The group coaching always helped me feel that I wasn’t alone, and many times there were thoughts brought up that I didn’t even realize that I was having myself.”  

Beckoned Member

Beckoned is What You have been Waiting for.  

Beckoned is a monthly life coaching membership.  In Beckoned, we dive deep into managing your mind around yourself, marriage, motherhood, and more, so you can implement them in your life with ease.  

If you want to love your life, even if you aren’t sure it is possible, this is the program for you!

Beckoned features courses on introducing you to the model (a tool for looking at your thoughts in a new way), loving yourself, discovering your dreams and goals, time management, holidays, relationships, marriage, parenting, intimacy, friendship and more.

The Beloved Weight Loss program is also available exclusively through Beckoned.  This is a $1500 value wrapped up in your membership!  

Beckoned also features the tools you need to implement this work in your everyday life.  This includes worksheets and workbooks, weekly group coaching, and faith studies.

"The weekly group coaching calls were great…You always had something to teach us even when no one had anything to ask!  I learned a lot from other’s questions.  Thank you for recording them, so we could listen if we missed them (live)."

Beckoned Member

You have a longing in your heart that only the Lord can fill.  He is calling you to a life beyond the box that you have put yourself in.  You don’t have to wait for tomorrow, or when the kids are older, or when you have a different job.  You can find peace, clarity, and confidence today!  

Beckoned is for you!

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