Coaching for Catholic Moms

Why Life Coaching?

Imagine you are driving through life.  Your windshield is dirty, but you keep squinting through it and making slow progress.  Your life coach comes along, and she cleans your windshield. Suddenly, the road is clear.  Your grip loosens a little bit as you can see better.  You are no longer white knuckling through your drive.  You breathe a little deeper.  When your windshield starts to get dirty again, your coach teaches you how to clean it in a way that is straight forward and doable in your life.  

My friend, life is meat to be driven with a clean windshield.  Let’s work together to make this happen for you.

Free Curiosity Call

Do you have questions about coaching?  Would you like to set up a free curiosity call to see what coaching actually feels like?  Click the button below to send me an email, and we can schedule that free call!  

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Ready to Take the Next Step?

Click the button below to learn more about pricing and expectations for coaching.  

Group Coaching

If one on one coaching does not seem like your thing, consider joining Beckoned, the Behold monthly membership, that offers weekly group coaching.  You will be amazed at how much insight you can gain by listening to others be coached as well as being coached yourself.  

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