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Welcome to Summer!

There is a certain excitement as the weather warms, the world turns green, and school lets out. We want to embrace that excitement and jump into the joy of summer.  

But for many moms, summer is also a season of dread with thoughts like,

“How am I going to survive 3 months of the kids home?”                                                                                                                                    “I only have 18 summers, how am I going to make this one count?”
“What if I can’t do it all?”

When our brain has a thought that is a question, it always answers the question if we realize it or not. Often times, our brain answers in the easiest way possible, which is usually negative.

“How am I going to survive?” Our brain responds with, “You’re not.” Or maybe with a big, “I don’t know!”

This leaves you feeling defeated and confused before you even begin!

Have no fear! Your Summer is not lost.  I am going to give you the tools that you need to have a peaceful and joyful summer!

Summer isn’t just for Surviving!

The tools will you learn in the Summer Survival Series will have you longing for summer year after year.  

You will learn how to approach summer from a place of peace and joy.  

You will remember what it is like to have fun even in the sea in chaotic schedules.  

You will pack your beach bag with the tools that you need to have a truly blessed summer!  

"Kristy, your coaching, podcasts, and Beckoned courses are priceless!  I love listening to your podcasts on Spotify in my car or on the go.  Your worksheets and workbooks are great tools that I keep on my desk to access when I need inspiration.  Something I can wrap my hands around and work on whenever I need it most.”

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