If you have struggled with your weight, emotional eating, yo-yo dieting, and just want to be free from food, this is the program for you.  Using these tools, you will learn to change your relationship with food, God, and yourself to help you live the life you have only dreamed of to this point.

Beloved is now enrolling through April 28th!  

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"This is a life changing program! Weight loss related or not…I feel I found the answer I was needing in my life"

Beloved Participant

"The workbook was great and explained everything vey clearly.  All the activities were well thought out."

Beloved Participant

“I have tried every diet, twice, with fails every time. Beloved is more than a diet, it is more than weight loss. It is strengthening your relationship with God, it is conquering your tainted relationship with food. It is owning your feelings. It is empowering. Everyone needs this."

Beloved Participant

A Weight Loss Program that Helps You Find Freedom

If you have struggled with your weight, emotional eating, yo-yo dieting, and just want to be free from food, this is the program for you.  Using these tools, you will learn to change your relationship with food, God, and yourself to help you live the life you have only dreamed of to this point.

Beloved begins June 1, 2024!

What is Included in Beloved?

The Doors for the summer Beloved 2024 are open through April 28th! Don’t miss out!  

Beloved is a four month intensive program that will reshape the way you think about food.

  • A Simple but Powerful Plan

    • Five Phase Approach to help you reach your goals

  • Intensive Support

    • Regular Group Coaching - in some phases this means daily, in others weekly.  If you can’t attend live, replays will be made available.

    • Voxer coaching support - this means having direct access to a coach throughout the program to get your questions or coaching needs met.

    • Community - Beloved is a place for Catholic moms to support each other.

  • Courses the offer clarity

    • Video courses that are short enough to fit into your busy life

    • Printed weight loss journal shipped directly to you

    • Printed workbook shipped directly to you

    • Digital access to all materials

  • Four Month Access to Beckoned

    • Get full access to the Behold monthly membership called Beckoned

    • Beckoned includes weekly group coaching calls

    • Courses on marriage, parenting, relationships, time management, minimalism, intimacy, healing wounds, goal planning, and more!

    • A community of Catholic moms who are praying for each other and working towards living their vocation fully.

  • Affordable!

    • Beloved offers so much value including

      • helping you find freedom from food obsession

      • tools to overcome emotional eating

      • food addiction support

      • clarity around your goals and dreams for your health

      • confidence in your worthiness as a daughter of God

    • Behold costs $54.99 a month for four months

Registration will begin in April 2024.  

Being In Integrity Around Food Matters

Beloved is designed to help you to see yourself as a Beloved daughter of God, and in response to His great love, care for yourself in a way that brings Him glory.  

This includes:

*The Beloved Course ($950 value)

*Printed Materials Shipped to You ($50 value)

*Four Months of Coaching Support via Voxer ($750 value)

*Forty Group Coaching Calls over 4 months ($2000 value)

*Access to Beckoned for 4 months ($160 retail)

Total Value of $3910 or $977.50 a month

You pay only $54.99 a  month!

God has called you by name.  He loves you so much, and He wants you to rest in the freedom that only He can give.  You do not have to be trapped in the slavery of food.  Join us in Beloved, and you will learn the tools to help you freedom and peace around food.  Email me at KristyHorsch@BeholdYourLife.com to pre-register for the next round of Beloved.  

What are you waiting for?  

Frequently Asked Questions About Beloved

When does the program start?  

The current round of Beloved begins June 1, 2024 and runs four months until September 30, 2024.  Exact dates of future programs will be announced when available.  

When the program ends will I be just left to figure it out on my own?

No!  When the Beloved program ends, you will remain a member of the Beloved community.  Your toolbox will be filled with numerous tools that you understand and have practiced.  You will have the option to continue with your Beckoned membership at a low monthly cost that will include courses, group coaching, and more.

Can I pay for the entire program up front?

Yes.  The website is set up for monthly payments or one payment in full.

How does it work?

Beloved is a 5 phase program.  

The first phase includes learning the program and saying a novena.  There is daily coaching where we pray together and learn the program itself.  

The second phase is when we actually start changing the way we eat.  This phase often includes withdrawal symptoms. . This phase will have daily group coaching and support.  

The third phase is when we settle in to the plan and really start implementing the tools for long term success. Coaching will be every other day at first and then move into weekly coaching.  

The fourth phase is where the program becomes a lifestyle.  Coaching is weekly.

The fifth phase prepares you for life after the program including how to maintain when you do hit your goal weight.  This phase of the program includes twice weekly coaching and the program will end with a novena and live event (possible in person or on zoom).

Will the price go lower?

No, the program is priced at an incredible discount to try to help as many women as possible.  

Should I see a doctor before I begin?  

You should never start a new health regiment without consulting your doctor.  I am a life coach, not a doctor, and so I do not give medical advice.  

Do I need to buy any supplements or shakes or pills?

No.  You may choose to take supplements based on your health needs with your doctor, but this program does not require any special food or supplements.  

Are you going to tell me what to eat?  

I am going to give you guidelines and suggestions.  You will find that when you order your food in the way God has called you, these boundaries offer a lot of freedom to find peace around food.  

I don’t want to give up sugar completely.  Isn’t it good to eat sugar in moderation?

Not necessarily.  Everything is not good in moderation.  If you knew someone who was an alcoholic, you wouldn’t ask them to just drink in moderation.  Sugar addiction is real and scientifically backed.  By taking out the substance of your addiction, your long term recovery is more likely to be successful.  It is scary to imagine your life without sugar.  I get it.  But Beloved is going to teach you how to see yourself in a way that makes it worth the discomfort of letting sugar go because you will know that on the other side there is peace, confidence, love, and freedom.  

Have More Questions?

I would love to answer all of your questions and help you as your discern if this is the right program and right time for you.  

Email me at KristyHorsch@BeholdYourLife.com

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